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I have no background in trading forex. I started on the bitcoin market in 2011 and became passionate and experienced in forex trading in 2013. In fact, I have been in the forex trading business for a year and a half. In my opinion, the biggest barrier to entry into investing in the forex market is the lack of experience in trading. Not only that, the market is huge and the risk is high.

The big advantage is that it’s not a highly-regulated market. This has allowed me to make very aggressive profits, both in the forex market and in the crypto market.

Are there times when traders lose money? What is wrong with using a spread?

Traders do lose money at times. But it’s not the result of a loss of confidence in the market. What is wrong with a spread? If traders believe that there are two traders with their own price, then that one’s position is worth more because he has to bear the downside of the other trader’s position.

And if a trader makes money on a long position using a spread, that trader has a net short position and that net short position is worth more than the money he made. This is the essence at which spreads and betting are based. So if both traders believe that there are four or five traders with their own prices, then that one’s position is worth more, because he can only afford to lose it.

In some markets, like in US treasury bonds, the difference between the short position and the position it covers is large. In those markets, I could use a spread to sell as soon as the price fell below the price of the current day. The money I earned was bigger than the price I’d paid for the position. You wouldn’t be able to tell how risky the position was: you would have to wait and see.

What is the best investment advice you could give to someone starting for the first time in the forex trading industry?

First of all, I could tell you that the biggest advantage of forex trading is that it’s a very fast way to make high returns. It’s also easy and there are a lot of people who make very aggressive profit margins with forex trading.

But if you’re a beginner – if you have no trading experience, no understanding of how the financial markets work – to really maximize your returns, you will have to stick to two principles:

Keep costs under control

Always do what

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