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Most people believe that if trading forex is a fun venture, then someone who will take the job is the one for the job, and if trading forex is hard or not worth it then perhaps it is not someone worth it. The people I know with more experience trading forex feel the exact opposite and have a passion for trading forex that others have neglected to see. They believe in it, not because in fact they have the tools but because they believe it is their destiny. The majority of people that trade forex have no desire to become an investment banker or to work in finance, but this hobby they enjoy is what drives them to continue it. For the people who feel the same way I would urge you to be honest with yourself, think about the life you want, the passion you have toward it if you choose, and think how you will make it an occupation for the rest of your life. If the answer is “I will not be a financial adviser” then you have done everything wrong and you have not met the right goals that will propel you to be an investment banker, you should consider trading forex as something you do because you want to have fun and because you have passion. You should know that you will lose money at any time and you do not have the luxury of making an investment decision based solely on your financial needs. You need to be realistic and make a decision based on your future and your own needs. If you want to be a financial adviser then you should consider trading forex because it would be what you want. It is a game of chance, and the people who do it well, make a decent amount of money. That is all. And if you want to become a financial adviser then you need to be a good financial adviser. To become a good adviser is to be patient, smart, and most of all willing to learn and to try other things until you figure out what works. The people who learn from someone who is willing to work hard at something are the ones who stay around long enough that they can make their money and make a difference. When you trade forex you will not be working for someone or making money for someone else, and that is the only reason you should do it.

How to find a good broker?

The first and probably most important thing you need to decide is which broker will sell you the products you are looking for. If your current broker does not offer the same type of products that you want you should look to the next broker

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